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Wayne County Airport Authority’s Sustainability Program was started in 2015, when a committed group of employees came together to elevate sustainability concerns at the airport. This Sustainability Working Group worked together to identify sustainability goals that would aim to achieve higher levels of sustainability, while balancing financial and staff resources, local economic and community concerns, and environmental priorities. The hard work of the Sustainability Working Group is reflected in the Sustainability Accomplishments Report, and Airport Authority's Sustainability Plan. This group continues to work to further the sustainability goals and initiatives that make Detroit Metropolitan Airport a leader in sustainability.

Wayne County Airport Authority’s Sustainability Program is focused on three themes: People, Planes & Planet. People reflects the Authority’s commitment to its employees, tenants, neighboring communities, and the flying public. Planes focuses on the operational components of the airports, including safety and efficient infrastructure. Planet addresses the Authority’s pledge to protect and conserve environmental resources.

Sustainability Goals