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The Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) is committed to making Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) a world-class facility for our airlines and the millions of people who use DTW each year. While DTW generates more than 86,000 jobs and more than $10.2 billion in total economic impact across Michigan, the Airport Authority considers quality of life for residents who live near the Airport as well.

One of the most significant and challenging issues facing airports today is the effect of aircraft noise on surrounding communities. To address this issue, the Airport Authority has developed a Noise Compatibility Plan (NCP) which identifies and addresses such concerns. It is our goal to be a good neighbor to our local communities.

More information regarding the study may be found in the following documentation:

FAR Part 150 Supplemental Noise Compatibility Study 

00 DTW 150 Introduction
00 DTW 150 NCP Checklist
00 DTW 150 Record of Approval
00 DTW 150 Table of Contents
01 DTW 150 A - Inventory
02 DTW 150 B - Forecasts of Aviation Activity
03 DTW 150 C - Background Information on Noise
04 DTW 150 D - Existing & Future Baseline Noise Contours
05 DTW 150 E - Land Use Analysis
06 DTW 150 F - Potential Noise Abatement Measures
07 DTW 150 G - Noise Abatement Options Analysis
08 DTW 150 H - Potential Land Use Alternatives