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Air carriers and tenants who hold a direct lease/contract with the Airport Authority are considered participants with the Wayne County Airport Authority and do not require sponsorship for badge issuance. Companies that do not have a direct contract or lease relationship with the Airport, but still require access to security sensitive areas of the Airport must be sponsored by an Airline, Tenant or Government Agency.

Government Agencies that have jurisdiction at the Airport are not required to have a sponsor.

The following requirements must be met to be approved for ID Badge issuance:

  1. Sponsor Letter or Form – The company must either submit a letter or Sponsor Form from each of the companies that they are doing work for and that are sponsoring them. If using a Sponsor Letter, it should contain the following:
    1. The type of service or operation that the company is providing,
    2. The length of the contract or service agreement,
    3. A list of access needed to specific areas, doors and/or gates,
    4. The contract name and phone number of the individual(s) who oversees the company contract or service agreement.
  2. Letter of Introduction – A Letter of Introduction must be submitted and must contain the nature of the work or service being provided, the company(ies) being worked for and the contact information for the contracted company (address, email, phone, etc.).
  3. Delegation of Authority signed off by the Sponsor company. Those companies not requiring sponsorship will need to fill out the Authorized Signer Form.